Sometimes I’m reminded of that song from the musical “Annie Get Your Gun.” You know that song I’m thinking about… “Anything You Can Do,” where Annie Oakley, a sharpshooter in the Wild West show sings with Frank Butler, the Wild West show’s star, where they attempt to one up each other. A real GIRLS vs BOYS moment in musical cinema.

Last Thursday while attending “GIRLS RULE,” an amazing evening put together by the lovely people at Nike and Optimus (Jacie, Lena, Rachel, Sebastian, etc. xoxo), it dawned on me… while others were away in NYC for the World Basketball Festival and enjoying a performance by Jay-Z (lots of testosterone), a few select girls were holed up in a cozy section of Katsuya having a ball. Little did we know what else was in store.

After stuffing ourselves, we headed over to the Nike Vault space for a little dessert and a very big surprise. Cupcakes, champagne, candy, and our very own pair of Aqua Dunks… (Finally, key retribution from the last time I was at the Nike Vault with key in hand! :)) And that wasn’t all.. Tickets to Lady Gaga.. or as my driver Steve would like to call her “Baby Gaga”…!! Hello! I was flabbergasted.

Jay-Z, NYC, and WBF might think they did it better… but they didn’t. LA, Girls Rule, Gaga.. hands down the winner!!

Thank you to my lovely ladies at Nike, and a HUGE thank you to my dad, who fixed me when I was broken (I threw my back out on Tuesday). If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything, let alone stand up straight or attend such an amazing event… Acupuncture is magic, and yes dad, I’ll consider going back to school to become an acupuncturist.

I’m still pinching myself! It was magical. Filled with  great girls Tang, Lila, Sam, Lena, etc, great food… great GAGA!!!

How does this happen? I don’t question it anymore… I just go with it. If I’m dreaming, please don’t wake me… or I’ll punch you.

Sam’s amazing nails!!

Finally… my key worked!! YES!!

Time to go HOME!!