Interview Magazine have conducted another impressive piece having caught up with pioneering Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. Topics of discussion surround the designers work with sports wear brand adidas and this Y-3, that was founded in 2001 in a more discreet manor to which we see now. Marking the milestone there will be a celebration of their decade-long affair, with a Y-3 party on January 23 at the Maison des Metallos—the factory-cum-cultural-center in Belleville, Paris.

Why were you initially interested by sportswear collaboration?

Ten years ago, together with Adidas, we created something that did not exist before and completely projected into the future. Y-3 opened a new segment, a niche in the fashion and sportswear market.

And is it still relevant today?

Today, tomorrow… I feel this is still relevant, and Y-3 is always continuing to evolve, like a child that is still growing. It is demanding, but it also is fun.

How has your sportswear designs evolved in the past decade?

My desire was and is to make sportswear elegant and chic. Adidas is a very personal inspiration to me—it enriches my creative life. I like the three stripes—the good old familiar.

Has people’s relationship to sportswear changed in the last 10 years?

Fashion always relates to current influences. Sports influence became so strong in the last 10 years. And now we live in a sports and body-conscious age. I don’t see this changing soon.

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