“You Learn Something New Everyday!”

I learned this saying yesterday.


I found my home boy HUF @ UNION LA.

So, I talked about HUF with my friends, Geoff & Randy, right after I found him.

They told me that HUF was sponsored by Stussy.


Daichi: “That’s Awsome! Was Stussy sponsoring for some poeple?! I didn’t know about it!

And, he was the one of the guy!?”

Geoff & Randy: “Yes. He is a good SK8er.  You Learn Something New Everyday!”


Right after we talked about HUF, he came to us.

I talked and asked to HUF for make sure the truth.


Daichi: “Were you sponsoring by Stussy before?”

HUF: “Yeah. I’m still sponsoring by Stussy.”

Daichi: “Wow!!! I did not know that!!!”

HUF:  “You Learn Something New Everyday!”


He actually said same thing, so I was very surprised.

That’s a Good Saying!

Thanks a lot, Huf & Hunni!!

Huf, Me, & Hunni


I already finished his interview before at his LA Store.

So, please everyone just wait at the Limited Edition TV until it will be uploaded.

He was talking about a beautiful story. 



My big friend Jay give me this shoes as a gift, today :)

Hihihihihi  Thanks (^o^)w




“You Learn Something New Everyday!”



HUFのインタビューも近々Limited Edition TVで流れるので是非チェックしてみてください!



Limited Edition

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