One of the big upsides of the recent heritage fads is that its made people think more about where and how their products are made, and as a result we have seen a rise and resurgence in brands that value high quality and authentic production methods. Yuki Matsuda’s Yuketen label is undoubtedly one brand that has benefited from this, as despite being founded in the mid-90s it’s only in the last few years that its made any significant impact.  The brand mixes the Japanese eye for design, and almost fanatical attention to detail, with traditional US styles and production techniques, such as native hand stitched true moccasin toes, and the best quality natural materials (the finest leathers, 100% natural crepe rubber) to create truly unique products.

Their boots and shoes have been well documented, but they also create a range of impressive luggage that lives up to the high standards set by their footwear.  The latest baggage collection has just hit stores and includes a masculine take on the currently popular Tote Bag produced in heavy duty, heritage Kurume Kasuri cotton canvas.  Also included are the Mailman Bag from previous seasons, plus an English satchel/briefcase bag, both in an aged peanut leather that is deliberately designed to pick up knicks and scratches for that beautiful and hard to obtain vintage look.  These bags sum up everything a heritage brand should be…. Stylish, timeless, genuine and hardwearing they are true heirloom pieces, with, of course,  a price-tag to match.

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Available now from Oi Polloi