Yves Saint Laurent preview its 2010-11 Fall/Winter Footwear collection. Currently releasing in stores now, the video showcases some of its new sneaker styles, from high top inspired luxury sneakers to more minimal chukka styles.

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  1. WSFH

    I cant stop watching. I'm blown away by how simple and perfect these shoes are. So many brands out there…I always feel like they look cheap and are not worth the $300 $400 price tag. However these give you a warm cozy feeling, like you have something special.

  2. ShoeKing

    finally. So glad someone gets it. Im almost shocked how many luxury brands are clueless when it comes to sneakers! usually they think if you just stamp the logo on there enough and put an insane price tag people will feel privileged to where it. INSANE. Finally! great design, great shoes, great brand, and THEY GET IT!

  3. saysliggy

    In agreement. Clean, luxie, sophistication in the details, amazing color choices, minimal use of branding, etc. Somebody at YSL definitely gets it.