Google Now for iPhone and iPad

First unveiled in the summer of 2012, Google has made its personal assistant-meets-updated search engine Google Now available for iOS users via the latest evolution of its Google Search app. The app streamlin... Read

Google Introduces the Chromebook Pixel

Google have made another bold step in the mobile computing market by unveiling the Chromebook Pixel. The name is derived from the 239 pixels/inch density the laptop boasts on its 12.85-inch touchscreen. This ta... Read
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LG and Google Unveil Nexus 4 Smartphone

With the ever growing competition in the smart phone industry, here is a detailed look at the Nexus 4 Smartphone, a joint design from LG and Google. Highlighted by a combination of the highly regarded hardware ... Read

Google Chrome for iOS

Google's Chrome Browser has now come to iOS and available to download for the iPhone and iPad. Chrome is known for its less bloated and faster performance, as compared to other browsers. The iOS version boasts ... Read
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“Build” LEGO x Google Collaboration

LEGO gone digital - collaborating with Google Chrome, LEGO Australia's new project "Build" fuses WebGL, the very latest in in-browser graphics, and Google Maps to allow users to build, share and even renovate t... Read
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Google Campus by Jump Studios

Internet giant Google will run this shared workplace for startup technology companies that interior designers Jump Studios have just completed in the area nicknamed Silicon Roundabout in Shoreditch, London.... Read