I Love Ugly FW14 headwear is simply refined.

New Zealand's I Love Ugly presents this strong editorial to showcase its equally strong FW14 headwear game, with a focus on the brand's new range of woolen baseball caps. Aspiring to a simplicity that belies th... Read

PairXWear: The Wish X Adidas SL Loop Runner

As a wise man once said "Mo' Money, Mo Problems". That adage might not ring true for most, but with this Wish X Adidas SL Loop Runner collab, getting your hands on the money-themed sneakers most certainly prese... Read

I Love Ugly Steps X Cologne Is A Wonderful Thing

FRANK by I Love Ugly marks the young brand's debut foray into the world of fragrance, presenting a masculine accompaniment to its apparel and accessories collections. Crafted over the past 18 months, FRANK enca... Read