I Love Ugly 6-Panel Cap Collection

I Love Ugly expand their hat repertoire with a new collection of 6-panel caps. Made up of six caps, the collection features hard front panel fusing for consistent shape, quality wool and canvas fabrics and pig ... Read

I Love Ugly Wellington Store

In its relatively short lifespan to date, New Zealand's I Love Ugly has seen rapid growth - both aesthetically and economically - based on the brand's ability to pinpoint trends and present them in a somewhat m... Read

I Love Ugly May 2013 Collection

I Love Ugly mix things up again for Fall/Winter 2013, combining what has become their signature casual look with a further expansion into a more tailored aesthetic. Inspiration for the season came from a recent... Read

I Love Ugly Fall/Winter 2013 Parka

Heading into the Southern winter, I Love Ugly debut a new style of parka as part of their wider FW13 release. Drawing on the history of the garment - in particular, referencing the heritage and legacy of their ... Read
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I Love Ugly Leather Goods

I Love Ugly's latest release offers a handsome selection of leather goods going into the new season. The premium leather offering is designed to compliment the modern man's lifestyle and wardrobe and features B... Read

I Love Ugly Bucket Hat Collection ft. Oddisee

I Love Ugly look to create a new menswear but in doing so never fail to look to menswear's history to find inspiration. The Bucket Hat hails from Irish origin, traditionally being worn by fisherman and farmers... Read