J.Crew was founded in 1983 in New York, but in a sense, reborn under new management in 2003. Its line of classic american sportswear has become iconic around the world.
Founded: 1983

Founder: Arthur Cinader & Emily Cinader Woods
Location: New York

About J.Crew

Founded in 1983 as a mail order clothing line for men and women by father and daughter pair of Arthur Cinader & Emily Cinader Woods, the business quickly grew to open its first physical store in New York in 1989. Known for its classic approach to casual clothing, J.Crew is an american icon. 2003 saw the appointment of former Gap employee Mickey Drexler, who turned the brand into the J.Crew we know today. A brand who prides themselves in high quality and an innovative look at classics for men and women.

J.Crew now has over 198 stores across America and has collaborated with the likes of Levi’s, Red Wings and Timex and repositioned itself as a favourite within the fashion industry.