Founded in 1994 by Shinsuke Takizawa, Neighborhood has achieved cult status from its motorcycle inspired roots.

Founder: Shinsuke Takizawa
Founded: 1994
Location: Tokyo, Japan

About Neighborhood

Inspired by the motorcycle world which he was involved in Shinsuke Takizawa took elements from military wear, outdoor wear and to a lesser extent a rockabilly style model in creating Neighborhood. The brand merged streetwear and the culture surrounding the outlaw stereotype of motorcycles to an extent never seen before. Producing leather, washed denim and accessories such as bandanas has given the brand an authentic feel which, whilst evolving, it maintains to this day, creating its own space in the market . The brands flagship store in Tokyo highlights this point, where facing opposite the bright and engaging BBC store, the industrial neighborhood store is juxtaposed to its competitors. Neighborhood however have realised that collaboration is essential to opening the brand to a wider market. Its sometimes gothic imagery has been paired with brands such as Original Fake and Visvim to Disney, which whilst still showing the rugged nature of Neighborhood somewhat softened the brand, creating new markets. LUKER BY NEIGHBORHOOD was launched as a sub-brand in 2009 using more refined silhouettes and introducing knitwear and other fabric choices not commonly associated with Neighborhood, all heavily inspired by UK design. Furthermore the introduction of WTAP’s again as a diffusion project has brought new followers to Neighbonrhood as consumers take inspiration from the carefree nature of bikers which Neighborhood was built on, by taking the rugged product type into the streetwear environment. With six exclusive Neighbouhood stores across Japan this early promoter of the Japanese streetwear scene looks set to inspire creativity and individuality well into the future as it has done before.