Founded in 1994 by Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher as a design agency with a focus on technology in apparel. The pair collaborated with numerous brands throughout Europe until 2002 saw the launch of their own in house label, Acronym.

Founded: 1994/2002
Founders: Errolson Hugh & Michaela Sachenbacher
Location: Berlin, Germany

About Acronym

Prior to launching its own name-sake label in 2002, Acronym collaborated with the likes of Analog, KHS Tactical Equipment Germany(Manufacturers of Apparel for the German Special Forces) and the inventors of Gore-Tex to create unique and technically advanced apparel. Their hard work and innovation culminated in their Analog MD Clone Jacket being named as one of Time Magazines coolest inventions of 2002.

Since 2002, Acronym’s brand has become one of the most highly regarded in Sportswear and Street Fashion, a highly technical and innovative brand managing to exude style and uniqueness like no other, just as adapt in functional situations as on the street, Acronym is genuinely a world leader and has seen its functionality and attention to innovation emulated around the world. Constantly evolving, Acronym continues to grow in terms of the size of its collection, and number of products, whilst never losing site of its core message to better create products for today and tomorrow.

Stone Island Shadow by Acronym

2007 saw the coming together of Acronym with Stone Island to launch a new brand entitlted Stone Island Shadow, the brand was designed and created by Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher for Stone Island and utilizers the pair’s ability to innovate and adds a new dimension to the sportswear company known for its great outerwear, it also see’s the label adopt Acronym’s signature monotone look and dark art direction. The creation of Stone Island Shadow has brought about a more widely acknowledged awareness of the brand and its creators.