Alden for Tassels Hong Kong Collection

Renowned footwear makers Alden have provided Hong Kong based retailer Tassels with a compromising canvas to create an exceptional collection. Consisting of four pieces, the defining aspect is the navy suede whi... Read

Alden x Self Edge x Leather Soul Boot

Self Edge, Leather Soul and Alden all come from very different places but with very similar philosophies around quality and heritage. The combination of the 3 results in this great natural chromexcel version of... Read
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Leffot x Alden Longwings

New York footwear boutique Leffot have collaborated with New England shoe maker Alden with this exclusive Longwing Brogue. Made from black shell cordovan with red lining and double layered soles - priced at $... Read
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Alden x Leffot Naval Boot

Alden and Leffot have teamed up to great effect again, this time reworking the timeless Naval Boot with a strong finish. Featuring a Horween Shell Cordovan leather upper, much of the design retains its origina... Read