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André Saraiva “Back to Sweden”

André Saraiva returns to his home country with the opening of the “Back to Sweden” art show at Gallery Steinsland Berliner in collaboration with ABSOLUT. Over the past few months, André has covered the city str... Read
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André Saraiva on The Talks

The latest feature on online interview magazine The Talks brings us face to face with street artist André Saraiva. By now you should be pretty familiar with André - the man behind the stick-legged "Mr A' charac... Read

“I Don’t Give A Fuck” by André Saraiva

Back in 2008, André got up big-style on the Villa Navarra (Enrico Navarra Art Gallery) in Le Muy, France. In the last couple of days, the artist has revealed footage of the excursion which resulted in a mas... Read