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Apple To Release iPad Mini

Rumored to be announced later this fall, Apple gears up to release the iPad Mini just in time for Christmas. Specifications mention that the iPad Mini would be around 8 inches diagonally and expected to cost be... Read
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Apple x Microsoft Desktop Touch Concept

A Microsoft x Apple collaboration will likely never happen, but imagine what it would be like if it did? Maclife magazine illustrator Adam Benton clearly got to wondering as well, as earlier this year he made u... Read
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Apple 1986 Clothing Collection

Yes, you did read the title correctly, some 26 years ago Apple released a line of clothing. the collection consisted of a series of basics, sweatshirts, tees, chinos and a run of accessories highlighted by a a ... Read

Apple OS X Mountain Lion

Apple recently revealed their latest version of OS X entitled Mountain Lion boasting over 200 new features and increased iDevice integration. Set for a July release date on the App Store for $20, there are a fe... Read

Apple Announces iPad 3

Earlier today Apple announced the release of their much anticipated third generation iPad. There was much speculation about what was to be different but the most common rumor which ended up being correct is... Read