Hair & Braid Paintings by So Yoon Lym

This new monochromatic series by So Yoon Lym pays homage to the beauty of hair and the art of braiding.  Each piece showcases the dedication and creativity it takes to execute the detailed braid work, which w... Read
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COMPLEX: The 10 Coolest Art YouTube Channels

Complex are the kings of TOP 10's.. and this week saw one of our favourite yet, and unfortunately one of the most time consuming, not directly by reading the list, but by where it sent us. This is Complex's p... Read
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RICHTER: Drawings

Gerhard Richter "Lines which do not exist" September 11 – November 18, 2010 The Drawing Center will present an enhanced version of an exhibition originally on view at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (mi... Read
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Meeting Mr Wu – The Robot Farmer.

I first saw the Chinese farmer/ robot maker Mr Wu in a documentary by the British comedian Paul Merton back in 2007. My second encounter with Wu was the current exhibition “Cai Guo Qiang – Peasant Da Vincis” ... Read
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Article 011: ART+DESIGN

Bodega has recently had the opportunity to team up with Danish modern furniture designer BoConcept for a special event that pairs Bodega's large scale vinyl art editions with BoConcept's interior design. We ar... Read
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Show updatez>>>>>>>>>>>>

Here's a few more pic(K)s from my show (Forewards: Misha Hollenbach @ Utopian Slumps) the text here And: It is well known that a scientific discovery can begin with a surprise. ... Read
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Never A Dull Moment – Dont miss it

I just landed in San Francisco. I'm here to curate, set up, and show in this: I'll keep you posted as these crazy fools show up here over the next two weeks to paint, photograph, and wreak havoc. x... Read