Aurel Schmidt

Aurel Schmidt

Place for Birth: Kamloop, BC, Canada

Born: 1982

Based in New York City

Aurel Schmidt is a New York-Based artist known for her painstakingly intricate illustration drawings and paintings.Time, detail and care comes to mind when one sees Aurel Schmidt’s artworks. Executed with painstaking detail Aurel Schmidt’s work is most often rendered in coloured pencil with acrylic paint, with a distinctive mix of references to forest allures with the organic rhythms of vivification and decay, as thousands of tiny hand drawn bugs, worms, snakes, and creepy crawlies devour the scene. Reminiscent of Durer’s The Large Turf or Arcimboldo’s composite figures, Schmidt’s drawing combines beauty and horror in its microcosmic embellishment, creating a sense of awe in its meticulous craftsmanship and allegorical subject matter. Interview here.