Top X: Our Favorite Drops of the Week

New week, new pickups - such is life when you're invested in the realm of either fashion or sneakers. If you're invested in both, godspeed because it's over for you. A ton of game changers will be made availabl... Read

COPE2 Paints the Bowery & Houston Wall

Say what you will about the art wall on Bowery & Houston. There has been (and continues to be) an immense amount of creativity on that particular street corner. The latest artist to take over the wall is gr... Read

Maya Hayuk Paints the Bowery & Houston Wall

The latest artist to be commissioned to paint the evolving art wall at Houston and Bowery in New York is Brooklyn-based painter Maya Hayuk. Taking over from Swoon (and a heavily bombed wall courtesy of anony... Read

Preview: Barry McGee at Cheim & Read, New York

Opening tonight (Sep 12) at Cheim & Read in New York, Barry McGee will be holding his first show in the Big Apple in eight years.  For the exhibition, McGee has “assembled clusters of framed drawings and ha... Read
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Barry McGee Talks About Tagging

Barry McGee talks about his connection to graffiti culture and in particular, the act of throwing up a tag, in this insightful video piece by Art 21. The video was filmed in 2012 to coincide with the artist... Read