2014 BMW 4 Series

Here is a look at the BMW 4 Series for next year with the most notable change aesthetically witnessed with the elongated body while the car will come in a variety of options ranging from a four-cylinder turbo d... Read

2014 BMW X5

Here is a first look at the 2014 BMW X5, the third generation of car manufacturers SUV range that dates back to 2000. The X5 began as the BMW E53 X5, a crossover vehicle back when BMW owned Land Rover and utili... Read

BMW X4 Concept

Here is the first look at the BMW X4 Concept, an initiative set to be unveiled at the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show. In essence the design is a more compact version of the X6, with the design and specs derived f... Read
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BMW 4-Series Coupe Concept

With BMW unveiling the new 4-Series Coupe Concept, we witness a shift in focus from the car maker with the 3-Series Coupe being replaced. The 4-Series Coupe Concept is larger than the predecessor but contains f... Read
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2013 BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Limited Edition

BMW have unveiled this limited version of the 2013 M3 Coupe which is exclusive for the US market. The BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Limited Edition comes in three colorways, Frozen Red, Frozen White and Frozen Blue, each... Read