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WTAPS x Bones Brigade Collection

WTAPS designer Tetsu Nishiyama has applied himself to a collection of four pieces commemorating the premiere of Bones Brigade in Japan. The film directed by Stacy Peralta is a story about when six teenage boys ... Read
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Vans x Bones Brigade Collection

The Bones Brigade legacy speaks for itself really. The most competitively dominant skateboard team of its day, the legendary team also pioneered modern skateboarding and introduced skateboarding to the video ag... Read

Bones Brigade: An Autobiography – Film Trailer

I cannot wait to see this. The Stacey Peralta-directed definitive documentary of the legendary Bones Brigade skate team, Bones Brigade: An Autobiography. Featuring the likes of Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Rod... Read
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Bones Brigade Trailer

"Stacy Peralta, director/producer of Dogtown and Z-Boys has a new film; "Bones Brigade." A biography about the birth of modern skateboarding and the personalities that shaped it as members of the Bones Brigad... Read
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“Bones Brigade: An Autobiography”

Stacy Peralta's new film "Bones Brigade: An Autobiography" will debut at Sundance Film Festival 2012. Having prior bringing us "Dogtown & Z-Boys" in 2001, this film reunites the Powell-Peralta Bones Briga... Read