C.E Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Eyewear

Having featured the debut season of C.E in THE NEW ORDER, I am a big admirer of the brand and the people behind it. Watching C.E develop is one to appreciate and this latest release exemplifies the evolution of... Read

C.E Autumn/Winter 2102 Collection Video

C.E AW 2012 from c.e on Vimeo. The team at C.E, including Sk8thing, Hishi and Toby Feltwell, have put together this impressive video showcasing the autumn/winter 2012 collection. The eclectic collection is hi... Read

C.E Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Cav Empt, perhaps better known as C.E has put together an impressive collection for the fall/winter 2012 season and this series of images highlights some key pieces. With Sk8thing leading the design process wit... Read
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Renowned Japanese blog TRAVERSE TOKYO have completed another impressive collaboration, this time teaming up with Sk8thing and his new label C.E. The outcome is two tees, highlighted by a Gothis theme and an int... Read

Neighborhood x C.E. Tees

Neighborhood and Sk8thing's C.E. have teamed up to great effect by coming up with two original designs for the Neighborhood Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. By no means strangers to each other, these two have worke... Read

C.E Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

The most recent issue of Jocks & Nerds has featured an in depth editorial on the C.E Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. With Sk8thing's latest venture attracting a lot of positive attention of late, it is great... Read