Impossible Instant Lab Camera

IMPOSSIBLE, the standard bearer of analog photography, has been working hard to preserve the format of instant analog photography. Makings its start with the production of film, IMPOSSIBLE eventually got into r... Read
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Paul Smith for Leica Camera Cases

What case your camera sits in is fast becoming a highly considered topic. Paul Smith presents a new series of cases designed specifically for Leica cameras. Two leather and lined cases we designed and made fo... Read
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Leica X1 X BMW Limited Edition Camera

Two icons of German engineering and manufacturing Leica and BMW have got together to release a special edition of Leica's X1 Camera. Only 600 of these classic X1 cameras were produced and sure to become colle... Read
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Samsung NX-11 Camera

The latest Samsung NX Camera has been announced, the NX-11 will launch this year as an upgrade to the NX-10. This is the newest to the hugely popular market of large-sensor mirrorless interchangeable lens cam... Read
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Olympus Pen E-PL2

Olympus's latest addition to their line up of micro four thirds cameras is the Pen series E-PL2. This is the third camera in the new range for the company with this representing the middle of the series. Shoo... Read