It is a just over a week away…the election is less than a week away & I have so many tales of what will happen & what will not.

I saw a TV show the other week about the average american & where does their loyalties lie. It was a scarey show. Many in Middle America are talking about how much they like Sarah Palin as she represents the average American woman…but wait she is not the one running for president McCain is…so wait are they saying that they will vote in a Man & hope that he dies so this crazy woman will become President.

How fucked up is that, do these people realise what they are saying let alone thinking.

Palin madness has swept the world…& it is all comedy, even Hustler has got in on the act. They have set up a Porn site or Porn Movies called ‘Who’s Nailin Paylin where the look alike pornstar is getting double teamed…only in America. This does make me laugh as there was a poll amongst male college students & the majority would give Palin a go…

So is this what the Republicans are being perceived as right now…shit I would hire a better PR machine.

To top all this half the bullshit that hear about Obama is that he has no experience…what experience does the Governor from Alaska bring to the table that outshines Obama. I mean if you want her in, hoping that McCain kicks the bucket…does she really have any experience that is really valid & beats Obama to the post.

Look at what has happened already with a fool who has had no experience except what Daddy, Uncle Dick & Uncle Donald can show you…which has fucked us up no end. & with these 2 clowns on office shot would only get worse.

The good thing with this election is no more Bush…thank God that fucking Chuckle Monkey is out…

So Obama…the man has recently been endorsed by Colin Powell…surely he knows a few things…ex Joint Cheif, so he must feel the country & the world would be better off with Obama than a continual of the Republican War Machine with God on it’s side… sorry had to get a little religious in there…we can not forget the Christian Fundamentalists can we…their Vote is all Powerful.

Obama has even been campaigning with Bill Clinton today…or was it yesterday…either way, it is a serious endorsement.

More & more young people are registering to Vote for the 1st time…along with a lot of the Ethnic Minorities registering to Vote too…this is what could turn the tide.

The lead is slight & similar to that of Kerry & Gore before him, so nothing is certain…& if the Republicans pull the same bull shit as they did with Gore…we could be really screwed for another 4 years…& the amount of damage that could be done globally in that time could be terrible.

So please for all of us in the rest of the world, please register to Vote & make a fucking Change !!!