Common Projects

Manhattan based duo if Prathan Poopat & Flavio Girolami founded Footwear label Common Projects in 2004, with a philosophy of designing understated footwear with a luxury design and construction.

Founded: 2004
Founder: Prathan Poopat & Flavio Girolami
Location: New York

About Common Projects

Trained Industrial and Graphic designer Prathan Poopat, fomerly the art director of Visionaire and V Magazine came together with Italian based Flavio Girolami, who ran his own Creative Agency in Italy, in 2004 to form Common Projects. The design philosophy behind Common Projects is to reduce its products to their most simplistic form and incorporate the finest materials and construction processes.

Since launching, Common Projects, the footwear has been bare of branding outside of its individually numbered heel, again solidifying the brands determination to focus on simplifying design and concentrating on quality and luxury. The last few seasons have seen the addition of accessories to Common Projects footwear collections, wallets, bags and sunglasses have been added as the brand continues to grow.