Dan Colen

New York based artist Dan Colen graduated with a BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Art & Design in 2001.

Date of Birth: 1979
Location: New Jersey, USA

About Dan Colen

Dan Colen is an artist who’s work utilizes and combines all medias equally to create low-cultural ephemera, graffiti inspired paintings of text executed in paint, and installation. His work is often challenging and requires the viewer to consider the way it is integrated with space and components from haute- to sub-culture. He is represented by Peres Projects in LA, has shown at many of the world’s top galleries and lives and works in New York city.

Solo Exhibitions

“I Live There…” – 2008 Gagosian Gallery, London UK

“No Me” – 2006 Peres Projects, Berlin Germany

“Secret and Symbols, Smoke and Scissors (My Friend Dash’s Wall in the Future)” – 2006, Deitch Projects, NY

“Dan Colen” – 2006 Peres Projects, LA

“Seven Days Always Seemed Like A Bit Of An Exaggeration ” – 2003 Rivington Arms, NY

Group Exibitions

“New York Minute” – 2009 MACRO Future, Rome Italy

“Abstract America: New Painting and Sculpture” – 2009 Saatchi Gallery, London UK

“Minneapolis” – 2009 Peres Projects, LA

“The Living And The Dead” – 2009 Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, NY

“Slough” – 2009 David Nolan Gallery, NY

“Slack Of Bones” – 2008 Peres Projects, LA

“Materializes: New American Video and…” – 2008 Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen Norway

“Tonight Forget About Your Horses And Cars” – 2008 Union Gallery, London UK

“Meet Me Around The Corner” – 2008 Astrup Fearney Museet for Moderne Kunst, Oslo Norway

“Substraction” – 2008 Deitch Projects, NY

“Dan Colen & Nate Lowman” – 2008 Michelle Maccarone Gallery, NY

“Fresh Kills” – 2008 Dumbo Arts Centre, NY

“Sunshine” – 2008 Rental Gallery, New York City, NY

“Read my Lips” – 2008 Peres Projects, Berlin Germany

“USA TODAY” – 2007 The Saatchi Gallery, London UK

“USA TODAY” – 2007 The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg Russia

“Unholy Truths” – 2007 Initial Acces Frank Cohen Collection, Wolverhampton UK

“Fractured Figure” – 2007 Works from the Dakis Joannou Collection, Athens Greece

“Nest” – 2007 Deitch Projects, NY

“Susser Vogel Jugend” – 2007 Arndt & Partner, Berlin Germany

“Beneath The Underdog” – 2007 Gaugosian Gallery, NY

“Absent Without Leave” – 2007 Victoria Miro Gallery, London UK

“Defamation Of Character” – 2006 P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, NY

“Fantastic Politics” – 2006 Museum of Contemporary Art , Oslo Norway

“USA TODAY” – Royal Academy of Arts, London UK

“Infinite Painting; Contemporary Painting and Global Realism” – 2006 Villa Manin, Codroipo Spain
“Survivor” – 2006 Bortolami, NY

“Whitney Biennial; Day For Night” – 2006 Whitney Biennial, NY

“Interstate” – Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, NY

“New York Scene” – 2003 Galerie Du Jour – Agnes B, Paris France