D*Face Show & Book Release At Stephen Webster

UK-Based D*Face is pretty busy these days, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Not only is he going to Stephen Webster’s Beverly Hills to release his new book One Man and His Dog on Wednesday, but he’ll als... Read
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D*Face Ridiculous Pool Paint Attack

London based street artist D*Face finds a rather unique way to customize an empty pool. Enlisting some skateboarder friends and creating a skateboard equipped with a remote controlled spray can, he was able t... Read
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D*Face Mural in Los Angeles Time-Lapse Video

Juxtapoz have presented a nice wee video showing the process of the D*Face Mural in Los Angeles through a time lapse video. I know we shared the progress photos of this mural the other week but I love watchin... Read
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D*Face “Charlie Sheen Cheat Death”

Continuing his romp around Los Angeles in light of his "Going Nowhere Fast" exhibit, D*Face decided to drop off a piece work at the head of pop sensation, Charlie Sheen's Hollywood star. Creating a 400-pound ... Read