Ed Templeton x Case Studyo “LAMP”

American artist Ed Templeton has collaborated with Case Studyo for the first time, a partnership which has produced a unique piece, titled, LAMP. Based on the head figures seen throughout Templeton's work, the ... Read
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Ed Templeton / Clint Woodside Split Zine

Photographers Ed Templeton and Clint Woodside have put together a new 60-page limited edition featuring work from both of them. Forgoing glossy pages for a more authentic, ground-level approach, the two artists... Read
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Ed Templeton “Teenage Kissers” Exhibition

Ed Templeton opened his "Teenage Kissers" Exhibition at Half Gallery in NYC's Lower East Side last week. The exhibition is great bookend to his previous "Teenage Smokers"  exhibition a few years back, as well... Read
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"Disorder Disorder" Exhibition

Featuring the likes of Tomoo Gokita, Mark Gonzales, Misha Hollenbach, Anthony Lister, DMOTE, Stephen Powers, Ed Templeton amongst others here is a great collection of artists and works curated by Joseph Allen.... Read