How Many Style Stars You Got, Chef?

The fellas over at FirstWeFeast brought a valid point to our attention in a recent article; when was it that chefs first starting getting interested in 'fashion', and at what cost to their food? It's a trend th... Read
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POST NEW | Heron Preston’s Spaghetti Recipe

Yesterday saw the launch of a new series on POST NEW, a regular series of POST NEW's friends favourite recipes. The first was Heron Preston's Spaghetti Recipe.. a classic, simple, rustic favourite... Take a l... Read
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Handmade Portraits: Bread Makers Yvan & John

France is the home of bakers, and filmmaker Éric Dorchain has created this exceptional short film to highlight are Bakers from another time. Yvan & John of the “Cassons la Croûte” Association use the age ol... Read
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Fricote Magazine

Fricote Magazine is a new food magazine, founded by Julien Pham, the same man behind french sneaker magazine SHOES-UP. The magazine brings food into street culture, interwinding the likes of Theophilus London... Read
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Run-around Chicken Century Egg

Back in my London days, I would organize a gang of 6 or 9 for dim sum on Sundays, it has to be 6, 9 or 12 due to the dim sum portions, but that will be another chapter another day. A regular stroll to the C... Read
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The Before..

Recently, I wrote a small food review for Paper Magazine on LA Restaurants.  Frankly, I abhor food reviews. You can never be as honest as you'd like without hurting someone's feelings. I see it as a way to imp... Read