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Gareth Pugh Studio Visit |

Sunderland native Gareth Pugh has been on the rise in the world of high fashion since he first broke onto the scene in 2005, creating his first collection entirely independently, without a studio or assistan... Read
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Gareth Pugh Scythe Ring

Gareth Pugh has released this imaginative ring which embraces the dark futurism and gothic influences central to the designer’s style. Produced from frosted metal to resemble a scythe - complete with leather ... Read
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Gareth Pugh iPhone Case

We've shown you the iPad Cover from the same Gareth Pugh collection, the iPhone Case option is now available through Oki-Ni. Utilising the tessellating triangular pattern that has become one of his signatur... Read
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Gareth Pugh Leather iPad Case

If you're a fan of Gareth Pugh, but perhaps the clothing itself is a stretch for you, this iPad case might be a good solution for you. Available now at Oki-Ni, this is a true luxury take on carrying your Appl... Read
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Gareth Pugh for ABSOLUT

ABSOLUT have collaborated with leading fashion designer Gareth Pugh to celebrate the recent launch of ABSOLUT MODE EDITION, a redesign of the iconic ABSOLUT bottle, reflecting the world of fashion through twel... Read
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Vicestyle Visionaries – Gareth Pugh

Vice Style and BlackBerry present a new series called "Visionaries" which explores established and up-and-coming individuals in the fashion industry. Each film will feature an important fashion visionary and a... Read