Groovisions, the design collective from Tokyo which established in 1993 who have been driving force of the clean, flat, and colorful pop design that the city s so well known for has been featured on Theme Magazine. Originally from Kyoto founders Hiroshi Ito and Kazuhiro Saito they put their efforts nto supplyng music and visuals for ’60s/mondo club-pop events run by the famed DJ Tomoyuki Tanaka of Fantastic Plastic Machine. Then with Yasuharu Konishi the pioneer of the Shibuya-kei music scene being so impressed he invited Groovisions to Tokyo to provide P5 with live VJing, and eventually, music videos and album cover designs. Groovisions has spent the last decade bestowing their chic, jetset visuals on musicians from house DJ Yukihiro Fukutomi to chart-topping hip-pop unit Rip Slyme. This article is definitly worth reading so take a look here and find out a lot more.