Hixsept Collaborative T-Shirt Collection

With warmer days already here, french brand Hixsept have created a series of collaborative tees featuring artwork by brand founders Aurelien Arbet and Jeremie Egry together with other invited artists such as Ch... Read

Hixsept Impulse Denim Jacket

Few garments have withstood the test of time and reached such an iconic status as the denim jacket. From the Wild West to current days, it managed to adapt and evolve, finding its place into men’s wardrobes wor... Read
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Hixsept Plural Jacket

There’s nothing worse than getting soaked while running for shelter in the pouring rain. There you are looking your best, and in a matter of seconds the whole swag goes out the door. To keep it from happening ... Read
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HIXSEPT Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

This collection was designed around notions such as research, exploration, and experimentation. ETUDES was worked on as a step in a creative process, a work in progress. On one hand, the collection is made up ... Read