Inventory Spring/Summer 2013 Shop Looks

Inventory presents a series of summer looks compiled from items in their Stockroom, carried out with the understated touch they've always championed. Shot in a sunny setting, the refined looks include items fro... Read

Inventory Magazine Issue 08

The latest issue of Inventory Magazine has surfaced with cover stories featuring NEPENTHES president Keizo Shimizu and Britain-born, Brooklyn-based photographer Mark Borthwick. In addition there are contributio... Read
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The Creative World of Football | Owen Parrott

We continue our discussions with our Creative friends about their lives and thoughts around football. We've always been fans of Inventory Magazine and love what they have come up with, with Gastwon F.C. ... Read
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Yuketen x Inventory Maine Guide Shoe

Inventory Items have launched a second version of the Maine Guide Shoe by Yuketen for Spring '12. Subtle alterations including the removal of the heel tab give the shoe a slightly updated look, while the natura... Read