Google Now for iPhone and iPad

First unveiled in the summer of 2012, Google has made its personal assistant-meets-updated search engine Google Now available for iOS users via the latest evolution of its Google Search app. The app streamlin... Read
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Gizmon iPad & iPhone Clip-On Lenses

Japanese  photography accessory company Gizmon have released this amazing clever clip-on lens design for use with your iPhone, iPad, or “almost anything with a tiny lens.” By attaching the lense to your iPhone ... Read
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Spotify iPad App Launch

Music streaming service, Spotify, have just released an iPad app - allowing you to use a bigger version of their pre-existing iPhone app. Get acquainted with the app in this fun video spot above.... Read
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Hatch & Co. SKINNY iPad 2 Keyboard Case

Hatch & Co have released an iPad 2 Keyboard Case called SKINNY. It's made for those times when you're chilling on your iPad then get in the mood for some real work. The keyboard case is just 0.6 inches th... Read