Google Now for iPhone and iPad

First unveiled in the summer of 2012, Google has made its personal assistant-meets-updated search engine Google Now available for iOS users via the latest evolution of its Google Search app. The app streamlin... Read
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Ag++ Aluminum iPhone 4/4S Case by Andrea Ponti

It wasn't that long ago that printed iPhone cases were in high demand, the world's most popular accessory has spawned a whole industry from its cases and it's becoming more and more about the materials used in ... Read
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WTHR – A Simpler, More Beautiful Weather App

WTHR is a new Weather App designed by David Elgena with Dieter Rams principes of design at its core. The App is designed not only to look beautiful but to simplify your weather readings. You can download no... Read

Google Chrome for iOS

Google's Chrome Browser has now come to iOS and available to download for the iPhone and iPad. Chrome is known for its less bloated and faster performance, as compared to other browsers. The iOS version boasts ... Read
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Gizmon iPad & iPhone Clip-On Lenses

Japanese  photography accessory company Gizmon have released this amazing clever clip-on lens design for use with your iPhone, iPad, or “almost anything with a tiny lens.” By attaching the lense to your iPhone ... Read

Sparrow For iPhone

The beautiful and simplified mail client for the Mac known as Sparrow is now available for the iPhone as well. Recently released last week to the App Store the iPhone version seeks to deliver a similar expe... Read
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‘Clear’ To Do App for Apple iPhone

I create To Do lists with my iPhone like many people and the new 'Clear' app for Apple's iOS provides a nice experience for a normally mundane task. The app boasts a minimal interface with touch gestures contro... Read