Jeezy X Jay-Z “Seen It All”

It's only natural that Jeezy and Jay-Z would yet again collaborate on a song - this time for Jeezy's upcoming album Seen It All. Have a listen to the title track, a pretty straightforward new song that's carrie... Read
slamxsounds feature

SlamXSounds: The Last Mix You’ll Ever Need

Imagine a world where the music blogs that sling new releases -- Pitchfork, 2DopeBoyz, DJBooth, the list goes on and on -- were totally irrelevent. Where the staff at Billboard lost their jobs because you k... Read
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Gourmet Fall/Winter 2013 Croc Pack

Gourmet flashes us a look at its new Croc pack, arriving in time for a Fall release. Applying black Italian crocodile leather to the 35 Lite MP runner and the low-profile Cinque 2 LXL, the brand creates a uniqu... Read