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Behind the Justice Live Show

In the latest installation of Jay-Z's Life + Times series, French electro duo Justice show off their ambitious life show. The duo Gaspard Auge and Xavier De Rosnay, known as Justice, give a behind-the-scenes lo... Read

Justice “New Lands” Video

French electronic duo Justice have unveiled the new video accompaniment to their song "New Lands" off their EP of the same name. The stunning visuals, which portray the best made-up sport since Quidditch, tak... Read
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Justice "ON'N'ON" Video

The french duo Justice is back with their latest visual offering for "ON'N'ON" their latest release Audio, Video, Disco. Following in the classic rock tone much of their sophomore album took, "ON'N'ON" appro... Read
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Justice "Audio, Video, Disco" Video

October 25th can't come soon enough for Justice fans as their new album Audio, Video, Disco is primed to take the world with a death grip. After previously mentioning the album a few week back we are now give... Read