HR “Finding Joseph I” Kickstarter

With a few days left to pledge, we at SLAMXHYPE would like to introduce you all to a project i've known about and has been in the works for many years. Recently with the help of many supporters and now kickstar... Read
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43 Magazine

There is no shortage of skateboarding magazines, bu 43 has a unique approach. Focussing on the independent art culture of skating. In an attempt to publish a successful magazine without compromising its focus... Read
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Swoon’s Musical Architecture for New Orleans

Kickstarter is an amazing platform, and if you have a great idea I couldn't recommend it enough... I haven't tried it myself, but have friends who have achieved their goals and done very well from the assista... Read
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MAX100: The Book Project

Illustrator Matt Stevens has begun a two month long initiative to help raise finances for production and publication of his new book, MAX100. Founded when Stevens drew what he believed to be the ideal Nike Air... Read