Kidult “EXSTINCTOR” Sculpture

Polarising street artist Kidult has revealed the latest piece in his EXSTINCTOR saga - a metallic sculpture fashioned into the hybrid likeness of a fire extinguisher and rib cage. Kidult is of course known for ... Read

Kidult “Visual Dictatorship” Video

KIDULT " Visual Dictatorship" from misery on Vimeo. Known for his role in applying his mark to the likes of the storefronts of Christian Louboutin in Paris or Marc Jacobs in New York, as well as rendering ... Read
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Kidult hits Louis Vuitton Paris

Kidult makes the somewhat obvious move to vandalize Louis Vuitton's Parisian store in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district - as he makes his way through the line up of luxury brands and their retail storefront... Read
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Kidult vs’ Hermes

French Graffiti artist Kidult continues to make his mark on retailers around the world. Having hit the likes of Supreme, Kenzo, Agnès b, YSL, and colette, he now tags Hermes in Paris with the word ' LOVE'. Th... Read
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KIDULT Tagging KENZO Store, Paris

Graffiti artist, Kidult, continues his rampage on those who he considers responsible for the "commercialization and commoditization of graffiti". This time taking action on the Parisian stores of Kenzo. Taggi... Read
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Kidult Vandalizes Supreme NYC Video

Having already seen stills and an interview from Kidult's recent vandalism of renowned skate store Supreme in New York, here is a new piece on the subject. Following the French graffiti artist on the night of t... Read