Kostas Seremetis Interview by Belief

Here is an interesting read with Moscow based retailer Belief catching up with Brooklyn based artist Kostas Seremetis. Having worked closely with Seremetis on volume 03 of THE NEW ORDER, I got a greater insight... Read
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Kostas Seremetis “The Covers” Wave 3

In support of his latest gallery showing at The Hole in NYC SLAMXHYPE favorite Kostas Seremetis has released the 3rd wave of his iconoclast series of work entitled "The Covers". "The Covers" sees Seremetis supe... Read
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Kostas Seremetis Limited Edition Screenprints

A rare opportunity to get your hands on Kostas Seremetis works through the artists own website has come about. The New York based artist with a massive cult following has made a series of Screenprints, each n... Read
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Kostas Seremetis | New Website

One of our favourite artists, Kostas Seremetis has just launched his new website. With a place for news and much more including a store which will stock works from the artist as well as the numerous colabs th... Read