article placeholder | spend: Winter Gear Blog just did a great little article featuring "Winter Gear" pieces for Fall 09 and KZO's "Saunter" jacket came up on the radar, along with Boris Bidjan, Giuliano Fujiwara, Julius, Viridi-Anne, etc... Read
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“Voices of Nature” Osaka Art Show

Brett Westfall (Unholy Matrimony) and I are exhibiting an art show at Remix in Osaka on Friday, Nov. 20th entitled "Voices of Nature," showing drawings and a retrospective Polaroid exhibition. In addition, "Ba... Read
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Updates & Without Sun Video

My talented friend Patrick McKenzie just directed this video for Filler Magazine out of Canada featuring some of the KZO collection. The New York Time Style Mag. jus... Read
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Sushi & Friends in Town

Austin Sherbanenko of Odyn Vovk, Paul Conrad of Orthodox, Warriors of Radness, etc. and the Blackbird team are in town and we hit up a Sushi Roku in Santa Monica. Old Milwaukee ... Read