London 2012 Olympics Multiple Exposures

With the Olympics in its last day, new technology has changed the games immensely over the years, not just performance wise but also in the way we document the world's greatest sporting event. HD coverage and m... Read

Olympic Fits | Fencing

To the trained eye fencing is the chessboxing of the Olympics. Strategy, wit, and technique combine in cunning battle between the two athletes involved. In our efforts to represent fencing as true to its pr... Read

Olympic Fits | Shooting

For the Summer 2012 Olympics, the SLAMXHYPE shooting team would keep it modern with a traditional flare. Base layer is a Thom Browne Oxford shirt with a color-blocked uniform experiment cardigan, over that is a... Read
slamxhype olympic kit

Olympic Fits | Basketball

For SLAMXHYPE's installment of "Olympic Fits," we focus this time around on basketball. While the influence of pop culture is quite prominent in sports, it's safe to say that these options would not be too far ... Read
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Olympic Billboards Hijacked

London's big moment is just around the corner now, but not everyone is being as supportive as organizers would have hoped. The Brandalism crew have installed parody billboards in 33 locations across 5 cities in... Read