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SlamXSounds: A Summer Mix For Winter

If you live anywhere except California or Florida, it's brick as all hell outside right now. If you live in the Midwest, where it's like -100°, you're probably not reading this because you froze to death la... Read
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SlamXSounds: The Last Mix You’ll Ever Need

Last week, we introduced you to SlamXSounds a.k.a The Last Mix You’ll Need, a rotating 30-track playlist of the best new songs that Hip Hop, EDM, and Alternative have to offer. Every Wednesday we update Sla... Read
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SlamXSounds: The Last Mix You’ll Ever Need

Imagine a world where the music blogs that sling new releases -- Pitchfork, 2DopeBoyz, DJBooth, the list goes on and on -- were totally irrelevent. Where the staff at Billboard lost their jobs because you k... Read