Our Full Day With Pharrell

Pharrell is perhaps the most prolific collaborator in the world. But the wildest part of his history of collaborations is the diverse set of people and companies that he's worked with. He's had his hands in eve... Read
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The Best of N.E.R.D

N.E.R.D., the Neptunes' band with frontman Pharrell Williams have actually only released four albums to date, but from those 4 albums are some pretty iconic songs, culminating in the release of the bands care... Read
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N.E.R.D. "Hypnotize U" Produced by Daft Punk

After being premiered on David Letterman "Hypnotize U" was well received by hardcore N.E.R.D. and Daft Punk fans everywhere.  A properly master version has been sprung for public enjoyment and every bit as en... Read