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Natalia Fabia Prints: "Pool Party" and "Nap"

Due to a high demand, The Corey Helford Gallery has announced the release of two prints from Natalia Fabia’s recent “Hooker DreamEscape” show. Fabia’s paintings, “Pool Party” and “Nap,” have been offered in print form in limited quantities much to the delight of her fans. I personally felt that “Pool Party” is an excellent piece of work and I would not mind getting my hands on one of these.

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Natalia Fabia: A Modern Day Belle de Jour Interview

Angelique Groh has posted this great interview with the amazingly talented Natalia Fabia in our ‘Blogs’ section, but I felt that this deserves some front page treatment. Fabia just had a very successful opening for her solo exhibition titled “Hooker DreamEscape” over at The Corey Helford Gallery this past weekend with works focused on the beautiful ladies that are in her life, be it friends or girls from around the way. Be sure to check the interview here.

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Natalia Fabia "Hooker DreamEscape"

Natalia Fabia will be having a solo exhibition entitled “Hooker DreamEscape” over at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City beginning on February 21st. This is Fabia’s second show at the gallery and it is the follow up to her 2008 exhibition, “Hooker Safari.” In addition to the paintings that will be on display, the artist will be showing a limited edition series of 15 hand signed and numbered Lucite chandeliers. Check inside for more information.

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