Peter Hook Interview / Part II

In the second part of our interview with Peter Hook, we get up to speed and talk FAC 251, new music, Japan's Hacienda Festival and Hooky's top 3 Hacienda tracks! MIKE BURNS / Looking to the future, do you plan... Read

Peter Hook Interview / Part I

In the first part of our interview with Peter Hook, we talk Joy Division, New Order, Ian Curtis, The Hacienda and much more. MIKE BURNS / 2013 seems to have gotten off to a great start for you Hooky. What have... Read
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The Hacienda Reconstructed in Digital Print

Opening in 1982, the Hacienda was the brain child of Factory Records, New Order and the record label's Tony Wilson. It saw legendary performances from New Order, Joy Division and The Smiths who all played a k... Read
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New Order Singles

New Order, one of the most defining groups in the recent history of music having established themselves in the wake of the tragic death of Ian Curtis when the group was known as Joy Division. Moving on the grou... Read