Olympic Fits | Soccer

With the end of the Summer Olympics 2012 just around the corner, we have a few fits left to go with this one concentrating on Soccer. If you have to know, the SLAMXHYPE soccer team wears all F.C.Real Bristol, o... Read
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Olympic Fits | Boxing

Boxing has been contested at every Summer Olympic Games since its introduction to the program at the 1904 Summer Olympics, except for the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, because Swedish law banned the sp... Read

Olympic Fits | Tennis

Ah, tennis. What could be more enjoyable than donning a pair of sparkly white sneakers, a crisp polo shirt and some comfortable shorts and hitting the court for a bit of a whack about? Even when you're gett... Read

Olympic Fits | Shooting

For the Summer 2012 Olympics, the SLAMXHYPE shooting team would keep it modern with a traditional flare. Base layer is a Thom Browne Oxford shirt with a color-blocked uniform experiment cardigan, over that is a... Read
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Olympic Fits | Basketball

For SLAMXHYPE's installment of "Olympic Fits," we focus this time around on basketball. While the influence of pop culture is quite prominent in sports, it's safe to say that these options would not be too far ... Read

Olympic Fits | Sailing

In honor of the Summer Olympics 2012, we at SLAMXHYPE are doing something called Olympic Fits with the first one dedicated to sailing. Our goal is to put together fits that we would wear during that particular ... Read