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Outlier North River Overshirt

Outlier have taken their patent-pending Pivot Sleeve design and applied it to an overshirt silhouette with beautiful Italian shirting. Perfect for when the weather gets a bit crisp and cool, featuring a soft an... Read
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Outlier Woolback FreeShell

Tough on the exterior, but warm and fuzzy inside. A warmer version of the Outlier FreeShell jacket has surfaced. Highly versatile for winter with an extra fine merino inner face and durable four-way stretch nyl... Read

Outlier Supermarine Soft Core Jacket

The Outlier Supermarine Soft Core Jacket enjoys the best of both worlds. An incredibly versatile insulated jacket that pairs Supermarine strength with the breathable warmth of Soft Core technology. A tough, wea... Read
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Outlier Megafine Merino Socks

Ever-obsessed with performance technology, Outlier's new Megafine Merino Sock will quite possibly be the finest sock you'll ever step into. Built with 15.5 micron merino, the socks are beautifully soft, breatha... Read
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Outlier OG Pant

The original Outlier garment, a technical pant for every day use. Amazing for anything from hiking to first class lounging and, of course, as a bike-to-work pant. Freedom of movement meets durability, water res... Read
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Outlier OG Blazer

The OG Blazer from Outlier brings a new kind of freedom to a tailored garment. Built with our 4Season fabric, this technical sport coat shrugs off light rain and dirt with a "self-cleaning" NanoSphere® treatmen... Read

Outlier Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Layers, Movement and Light, these are cornerstones of the Outlier Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. Featuring the Doublefine Merino Cardigan, Liberated Wool Peacoat, Soft Core Wool Vest, 60/30 Chino, Blazed Cotton P... Read