Pentax Q10 Camera

Color is coming to colette and the rue Saint-Honoré with the latest from Pentax studios! The Q10 is the smallest camera in the world and boasts an interchangeable lens and 3 compatible flashes. More than 100 co... Read
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Pentax Q10 in 100 Colors

The smallest camera around - the Pentax Q10 - is now available in 100 different color combinations. With an interchangeable lens and 3 compatible flashes, add a bit of fun and color to your arsenal. The first 1... Read
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Pentax K-01 by Marc Newson

The PENTAX K-01, designed in collaboration with one of the world's most acclaimed designers Marc Newson makes for welcoming news. In addition to the camera being available here is an insightful interview with ... Read
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Pentax Q Camera

Pentax have taken the race to create the smallest DSLR to another level with the 'Q'. Have a look at the comparison picture below to see just how small the camera is, comparitable to a playing card! The Penta... Read
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Pentax Optio I-10

Retro designs with modern technology has been the trend lately and Pentax looks to continue this trend with their Optio I-10. It seems to us this camera is the more affordable version of the Olympus EP-1. The... Read
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Pentax K-x Robo

The Pentax K-x is the latest entry level SLR from the Japanese camera company its aimed at the burgeoning camera enthusiast who likes to have fun with their equipment.  They have even releases this limited ed... Read