Combining Abseiling and Photography in Paris

Architectural photographer Carlos Ayesta captures a futuristic and at times, voyeuristic, view of the Parisian cityscape in his latest project. By abseiling down the sides of skyscrapers, Ayesta manages to refl... Read
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Olivier Zahm ‘How To Photograph Women’ Book

Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Purple Magazine, Olivier Zahm has photographed his fair share of beautiful women, often in the most candid of settings, as seen in his more personal venture, Purple Diary. So l... Read
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“Vertical Horizon” by Romain Jacquet-Lagreze

French photographer and graphic designer, Romain Jacquet-Lagreze, shot these mind-bending photos of Hong Kong's cityscapes, focusing on the high rise environment that makes the metropolis unique. Starting at th... Read

Bert Stern: The Original Mad Man Documentary

"This man created what everybody else copied and followed." He was the original Mad Man. Filmmaker Shannah Laumeister looks into the life and work of one of the greatest American Photographers. Straight ... Read

London 2012 Olympics Multiple Exposures

With the Olympics in its last day, new technology has changed the games immensely over the years, not just performance wise but also in the way we document the world's greatest sporting event. HD coverage and m... Read