retaW Fragrance Body Shampoo EVE*

Here is an exciting new scent release by retaW for their fragrance body shampoo. Entitled EVE*, the scent is highlighted by the addition of a fig leaf sourced from the Mediterranean, providing a faint fresh sme... Read
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retaWHIZ ‘Tribe’ Room Tag

retaW and WHIZ have teamed up to create an original scent and an original design for the Room Tag. Dubbed 'Tribe', I can only imagine the scent has an organic feel to it while the wood-esque finish contrasted w... Read
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retaW Fragrance Luggage Tag

Here is another great release from Tokyo cosmetic brand retaW with this series of Fragrance Luggage Tag. This initial release features the BARNEY*, EVELYN* and ALLEN* scents while the release is comparable to t... Read
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retaW x Neighborhood Collection

Here is an impressive collaboration between retaW and Neighborhood, with the two well known entities from Tokyo combining to great effect. Having come up with an original scent entitled Number One, they have ap... Read
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retaW x NEXUSVII(R) Room Tag

Here is a great collaboration between two well known entities in the Tokyo scene with retaW and NEXUSVII(R) coming together to great effect. Coming out with two versions of the Room Tag, one white/black and the... Read