Rita Ackermann

 A versatile artist known in the world’s of painting, drawing, sculptures, prints and photography, Rita Ackermann trained at the University of Fine Arts Budapest until 1992.

 Date of Birth: 1968

Location: Budapest, Hungary


About Rita Ackermann

Born in communist country Hungary, Ackermann now resides like most artists, in New York City.  She journeyed her way over to New York in 1992 where she attended the New York Studio School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture. Although her term during school was well-spent, she acquired most of her creativity as a pop-crazed Eastern European artist from books, films, museums and New York City. Known for her informal art as “social awareness”, Ackermann’s theme narrates life to clash with her art and translates that message as reality. Ackermann’s background for art is from learning from the streets. Her experiences are what captivate her inspiration which revolves around pop-culture.


“Mafia/Crash” – 2009, Zurich, Switzerland

“It ain’t fair 2009” – 2009, Miami, FL

“Small World” – 2009, Tokyo, Japan

”The Glamour Project” – 2009, New York, NY

“Don’t Give Me a Salad” – 2008, New York, NY

“Artists Self-Portraits 1966-2008” – 2008, New York, NY

“Whitney Biennale” – 2008, New York, NY
“Sympathy for the Devil. Art and Rock and Roll Since 1967” – 2007, Chicago, IL

“HOTEL” – 2007, London, UK  

“Fit to Print” – 2007, New York, NY

“Beyond Zero” – 2007, Athens, Greece

“Tease” – 2007, New York, NY

“Other Scenes” – 2007, Los Angeles, CA

“Court Toujours” – 2006, Zurich, Switzerland

“Jump On Me” – 2005, Meckenheim, Germany

“Collage” – 2005, New York, NY

“Listen to the Fool’s Reproach” – 2003-2004, New York, NY

“Memoires d’Une Jeune Fille Rouge” – 2003, Zurich, Switzerland

“Snowfall in August” – 2002, Sittard, Holland

“Style Show for the Levitation of the Strong American Women” – 2001, Paris, France

“The only way to get to my vagina is through Jesus!” – 2001, Zurich, Switzerland

“Lost and Found Notes” – 2000, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“God’s Little Helpers” – 2000, Vienna, Austria

“Corvette” – 2000, New York, NY